Warship Noah
Bomberman 64: The Second Attack

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Bomberman 64: The Second attack outta no where!

This was actually the latest winner of the monthly Patreon Request List drawing, so it wasn't a completely random choice, but it's definitely a song that I'm sure no one was expecting.

There are numerous composers credited to the Bomberman 64: TSA soundtrack, including one of the Chrono Trigger composers, and I'm not sure which one composed Warship Noah, but it's a really cool song. The main line has a slowed-down prog rock sort of feel to it.

This song is sort of short and simple, so I took a sort of jam-style approach to it, with a guitar solo, keyboard solo, and drum solo in the middle, followed by my usual flip-flop tactic of the synth carrying the main line and a second sort-of guitar solo.

Bomberman 64: The Second Attack isn't the most popular game, but it's got a pretty underrated soundtrack. Check it out sometime! What's Bomberman doing these days, anyways?


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