Trap Phantasm
Mega Man ZX Advent

Download (MP3)

It's about time we got to a Mega Man song this year! I'm also keeping to my word and changing it up a little bit by going to a different part of the Mega Man universe: the ZX series. I actually did this song as an Atmacoustic a little while ago, and it's been popping up in my head ever since.

This song originally appeared in Mega Man ZX as Trap Factory. This version, from ZX Advent, is Trap Phantasm. Phantasm is basically just a remix of Factory, with the main differences being the addition of the 2 guitar solos (while Factory has a synth solo at the end), and the notes in the rhythm of Factory ascend while they descend in Phantasm. This remake is pretty much a cover of Phantasm with an extra run-through led by the guitar rather than the synths.

Now that we've done a ZX song, maybe next time we'll do a Zero series song. :)


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