Theme of a Tragedic Revenge
NiGHTS Into Dreams

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Here's a great song from an old Sega classic: NiGHTS Into Dreams!

The original tune is already pretty rockin, so this is almost like an extended version of the original. To be specific, this remix is based on the Journey Into Dreams version, which really isn't that much different from the NiD version, most of the differences are in the rhythm sections. So yeah, extended version: I threw in an extra part after the first run-through which leads into an all new keys solo (I finally did a decent one, haha), followed by new guitar solos. Basically: SOLOS EVERYWHERE. Even the bass gets one!

There are a lot of cult NiGHTS fans out there awaiting anxiously for the series return. Until then, we have this remix to listen to! Right? Maybe we'll see a series revival someday.....


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