Monster Hunter Freedom 2

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I managed to get Monster Hunter in before the year was over. Hoorah!

This is not an easy song to cover. Not really because of any difficult high-speed passages or anything, there's just a lot of odd timing stuff. The song switches from 7/4, to 4/4, to some time sig I can't tell you off the top of my head (the intense section after the first time it breaks down and gets soft, I think it switches from 3/8 to 7/4 or something), and back to 7/4. I've noticed a lot of Tigrex arrangements tend to add new sections and skip the slow build section that starts around 1:08 in the video which has some really weird timing on the lead parts (played on lead guitar and the brass here).

This was a pretty good exercise for mixing my brass sound and also an exercise in dynamics. The main thing about the original Trigrex that I like so much is that it goes back and forth between varying levels of calmness and intensity. I strived to keep those intensity shifts in this cover.

I didn't really add any new sections aside from the slow doomy intro which is just a slowed down version of the intense middle section, and also soloed a bit in the middle.

I think this came out surprisingly well! I'll definitely return to the Monster Hunter series in the future, it's continued to be a hotly requested series that I haven't touched until now. Till next time!

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