Star Wolf
Star Fox 64

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Can't let you... well, you probably know by now. :)

I really liked my Star Wolf remix back in 2010, but now I listen to it and I'm like wtf is this, haha. So out of all the remakes coming this month, Star Wolf has had the biggest face lift. The 2010 version was mostly a take on the Star Fox Assault slowed down version, that ended with sped up the 64 version.. This time around we went full blast into the more well-known 64 version.

Fichina / Sector Z also makes an appearance. I really like the dual Star Wolf / Sector Z mix in Smash 4 so that played a pretty big influence on throwing it in. I originally tried mixing Bolse in (the second area you fight Star Wolf in), but it sounded weird at this tempo. Plus Fichina / Sector Z is cooler anyways!

I recently heard the Star Fox Zero version and noticed it had some choir throw in, so I thought it'd be cool to throw some choir in myself to pay homage to the latest Star Wolf theme.

This may be among my personal favorites that I've done so far this year, but ya know I really like the SF64 soundtrack. So it could just be favoritism. xD


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