Star Dream Medley
Kirby: Planet Robobot

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2017 opens up with the (now previously) most requested song at the moment: Star Dream from Kirby: Planet Robobot! I had originally intended for this to be the 2016 finale, but Sonic Fan Medley took a bit longer to finish than I expected, so it was bumped a bit further back to become the 2017 premiere.

In hindsight, I'm absolutely crazy for thinking I would be able to get this one out before 2016 was over. I can probably say that this has been the most complex remix I've done to date. While the guitar parts weren't really that difficult, the synths/keyboards/sound effects took a whole 3-4 days to get together the way I wanted (and keep in mind, I do this full-time now). It literally felt like I spent an hour on each little 8 measure section getting the synths right, especially the (usually softer) sections where the synth completely dominates (such as 1:05-1:16, or 6:26-6:59). There's just so much going on and while I was able to get a lot of it as close to note-for-note as possible, there's several times I just sort of had to do my own thing. Which I guess is what I'm supposed to do anyways, haha.

When I talk about Star Dream being the most requested song of the moment, I'm mainly referring to the first and third phase of the battle, Vs. Star Dream (or Mind in a Program) and Vagrant Counting Song of Retrospection (or P-R-O-G-R-A-M). The second phase (Vs. Access Ark or Intermezzo Without a Leader), doesn't really get a lot of attention, and I even briefly considered leaving it out, but I felt that wouldn't be fair and wouldn't really make this medley feel whole. So I figured with it being a pretty simple song, it'd be a good opportunity for a guitar solo.

With Star Dream out of the way, we've nailed down a lot of the Kirby boss themes with exception of a few, like Marx. Maybe next time, Marx, maybe next time.

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