Solomon Shrine

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You may or may not be familiar with Ys (pronounced 'eece' like fleece with no fl, though I still constantly say 'whys', haha), but it's one of those series that I've recieved a respectable amount of requests for that I've always kept my eye on it. It's apparently very popular in the eastern parts of the world.

On top of having overall great gameplay, Ys also has a ton of great soundtracks and songs that reappear in various Ys titles. Solomon Shrine was on the Patreon Request List and managed to get pulled for the latest drawing raffle.

This remix is mostly influenced by the version from Ys II Chronicles, which is where the guitar solo comes from (only version with it I think?), and also where I got the idea for the classical guitar interlude.

This was a fun first Ys song, I'll most likely come back to the series eventually, especially depending on how well this one does. Enjoy!

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