Saturos / Saturos & Menardi
Golden Sun

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It's been over 3 years since GaMetal returned to Youtube with 2 opening songs: Don't Be Afraid and the Golden Sun Battle Theme. The most requested Golden Sun song has been Saturos Battle, and everytime I see it pop up among requests I think to myself 'I really need to get back to Golden Sun'. The time has come.

Quite often, I end up doing so many different songs that I end up accidently neglecting a game/franchise that has some of my favorite music. Golden is a perfect example. It's soundtrack is amazing, and the best example (namely the battle themes) of how to make progressive rock/metal music without guitars. That's no easy feat!

While Saturos Battle is the most requested, I'm actually a fan of the Saturos and Menardi Battle theme, so I also threw that one in as the final section.

So here's something interesting about these Golden Sun songs: they're REALLY technical. For example, the timing change-up at around 00:42. Saturos & Menardi also has a lot of tricky change ups like the section at around 3:47. This remix was crazy hard on drums. That's actually what took up most of my time learning/recording!

Oh yeah, also, this song was one of the 10 chosen for the Patreon album coming later this year. Another GS song also happened to get picked, so I can atleast confirm there'll be another one coming in the future! (But we'll give plenty of breathing room between it and this song.)

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