Rainbow Road 64
Mario Kart 64, Mario Kart 7

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  We're traveling back to the 64 days with a cover of Mario Kart 64's Rainbow Road!

...plus a couple of others! I've also included the Mario Kart 7 version, my personal favorite of the modern Rainbow Roads which also included a bit of the 64 version, and Victory Lap, the staff roll/credits theme from MK64.

A went pretty synth heavy on this, because it's Rainbow Road and I feel like RR needs a lot of, for lack of a better term, magical sounding stuff going on. I even let the synth completely handle the melody for the first run through. Aside from the intro, the guitar doesn't lead until the 2nd run through.

A lot of people were expecting a straight up cover of the F-Zero X version, but I went more for the original feel which is a little slower tempo (the F-Zero version is faster) and of course the additional synths. However, I did pay homage to the F-Zero X version: there's a slight change up in the melody at around 1:41-1:45 in the video that, as far as I'm aware, is only in the F-Zero version. It's super subtle but I always thought it sounded really cool. xD

So after we go through the 64 version a couple of times, I decided to throw in the Mario Kart 7 Rainbow Road. I played a lot of Mario Kart 7 when it first came out (it was my first 3DS game), and I really love this rendition, maybe even just as much as the 64 version. It has the same feel and even includes the last section of RR64, so it fit in perfectly.

Finally we finish up by going back to Mario Kart 64, but this time with the Staff Roll theme Victory Lap, yet another song with the same feel and rhythm of RR64. I decided this would be a nice spot for a guitar solo so I threw one in over the string section.

I'm really happy with this remix, it's probably one of my favorites I've done in a while (not that I don't love my other songs, but some just strike the right chord within me). Maybe someday we'll do a medley with all the Rainbow Roads? We'll see..

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