Revenge of Meta Knight
Kirby Superstar

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Older GaMetal fans will recognize the first half of this updated version of Meta Knight's Revenge. I did that part back in 2011 as a tribute to the remix from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. This time around I threw down Vs. Meta Knight and Friends and Sun, the RoMK ending theme.

This was originally going to be only a remake of my 2011 cover, but towards the end of production, I decided to spice things up a bit and also throw in a song I've had a few requests for, Vs. Meta Knight, and cap it off with one of my personal favorite Kirby tunes, Friends and Sun.

I had to break out the good ol' Rhoads, my DGCFAD guitar, for this one, to hit the low D's that pop up a lot in the rhythm section, and also to recapture a little bit of the vintage GaMetal sound (all songs prior to 2013 were recorded on my Rhoads).

Vs. Meta Knight is a song that is hardly covered by anyone, and I believe the complexity is to blame. 5/4 is tricky enough, then you throw in the odd timings on the lead parts (including the tremelo string section). it's a recipe for disaster if not approached right.

The solo on Vs. Meta Knight is hard as hell. It's probably the hardest VG solo I've had to do up to this point. The timing is very strange because each section winds up in speed then winds back down, then does this again quite a few times. This is just flat out NOT an easy song to play.. but hey, it sounds really cool.

Friends and Sun is one of my favorite Kirby songs. It does a perfect job of capturing the image of the Halberd crashing into the Orange Ocean while Kirby watches from a distance, victorious. I've always wanted to cover this song, having considered doing it as a stand alone several times. Then I realized now would be a perfect opportunity to do it to complete this large Revenge of Meta Knight tribute.

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