Ridley's Theme
Super Metroid

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Metroid has finally returned to GaMetal, and not for a medley piece this time! I know everyone’s been waiting for me to get back to Metroid for quite a while, so thanks for your patience! The last time I did a full Metroid song was Brinstar back in 2011.. so yeah, it’s been quite a long wait, haha.

Aside from Brinstar, we did have a few medley appearances: Brinstar (again) in GaMedley, Ridley’s Theme in SNES Medley, and Kraid’s Lair in NES Medley #4.

I had this idea in the early days of the GaMetal Discord to have a ‘Request Battle’ channel where people can vote between 2 songs to become a part of the GaMetal line up. I thought having a Metroid-themed request battle would be a pretty great start, so I pit Ridley’s Theme against Kraid’s Lair. Ridley’s Theme won by a landslide.

This is another one of those nutty 5/4 songs. You might also notice it sounds very similar to Vs. Meta Knight from Kirby Super Star.

I based this remix mostly off of the Other M arrangement, which is one of if not the best versions in my opinion. There’s also some elements from the SSBB version which is another really good arrangement.

I’d still like to get to a full Kraid’s Lair eventually! So don’t worry Metroid fans.. I won’t take 6 years this time, haha.


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