Pepper Steak

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If you want to talk about weird GaMetal songs, or even game songs in general, Pepper Steak takes the cake. If you're wondering how this came out of no where, it's because it was the Patreon Request drawing winner for May!

Pepper Steak is the normal battle theme from the French RPG game OFF, created by Mortis-Ghost. It samples some parts from a song titled Pepper Steak by an old 30's Jazz band called The Washboard Rhythm Kings, thrown a top of a drum track.

Because it's just these few horn parts and a drum track, this is an extremely difficult song to arrange. There's not really a distinguishable bass line, and the background horns are just as hard to make out. The lead sections are also very repetitive. Needless to say, all these things leave Pepper Steak open to a ton of interpretation.

So... I tried my best! I also did a few things to make the song 'weird' like a rough loop of one of the guitar leads that created a sort of record/cd skipping effect, and of course keeping the slow down outro that's in the OST version of Pepper Steak.

This song, honestly, isn't for everyone, since it's so bizarre. But hopefully, for those of you who have played OFF, you'll enjoy this one! And for those that haven't, maybe look into it and give it a chance, it's actually a free game. You could find it easily through some quick searching. :)


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