NES Medley IV
Mother, Mega Man 3, Sweet Home, Kirby's Adventure, The Legend of Zelda, Ninja Gaiden, Dragon Quest 3, DuckTales 2, Little Nemo: The Dream Master, Mega Man 4, Super Mario Bros. 2, River City Ransom, Metroid, Super Mario Bros. 3

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It's GaMetal's biggest NES Medley yet!

Last year, I decided to make NES Medley something I'll be doing annually. Like I did with NES Medley 3, the songs were decided by my supporters on Patreon, but now that I have far more supporters than I did a year ago, this time we had a random drawing for the songs that would appear, similar to how we chose songs for Mega Man Mega Medley II.

The 14 songs chosen:

1. Roving Tank (Mother / Earthbound Zero)
2. Snake Man (Mega Man 3)
3. Battle Theme (Sweet Home)
4. Butter Building (Kirby's Adventure)
5. Ganon's Lair (The Legend of Zelda)
6. Devilish Influence / Masked Devil (Ninja Gaiden)
7. Adventure (Dragon Warrior/Quest 3)
8. Scotland (DuckTales 2)
9. Cloud Ruins (Little Nemo: The Dream Master)
10. Skull Man (Mega Man 4)
11. Wart (Super Mario Bros. 2)
12. Running Around the City (River City Ransom)
13. Kraid's Lair (Metroid)
14. Airship (Super Mario Bros. 3)

A lot of popular songs and games got chosen this round, with Sweet Home and Little Nemo seizing the underrated/obscure slot (and maybe DuckTales 2 and RCR... maybe).

The guitar solo in Roving Tank is one of the most difficult I've had to do in a while. It's not note-for-note (it's possible but extremely complicated and awkward, and would take me like, a year to practice, haha), but even after coming up with something close enough it's still really hard. It's mainly the run at the very end. It seems simple on paper but it's just so fast.

Even though it's one of the shortest songs in the medley, I find Devilish Influence from Ninja Gaiden to be really catchy and it makes me want to write an 80's synth rock song centered around the main hook. Maybe someday. xD

Little Nemo: The Dream Master is a game that I see requests for every now and then that you wouldn't really expect, so it finally gets a little bit of GaMetal love with Cloud Ruins.

The longest song in the medley, Running Around the City (the main theme) from River City Ransom, almost got cut in half. But I really like the song and I couldn't bring myself to throw away the opportunity for another guitar solo that was already there, so I just did the whole thing. It's one of my favorite parts from this medley.

Kraid's Lair and Airship are 2 songs that get requested a lot that I might end up doing for full versions for sometime in the future. I really like how Kraid's Lair turned out in this one.

Once again we've churned out another fantastic NES Medley! Let's see if we can top it next year. :)

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