Mega Man Mega Medley II
Mega Man Series

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Two and a half years later, we've returned to the Mega Man series for another Mega Medley! This song was nearly the 2016 opener, but it lost by only a single vote in a sudden death round of voting in one of our Patreon Polls.

The first MMMM's songs were obtained by a contest I held on Twitter: the first 10 people to reply to a tweet I made about it got their favorite MM tune put in the medley. This year, I chose a few songs myself, then held a drawing on Patreon and chose 5 random songs submitted by my Patrons. I then went on and added an addition 6 bonus songs that I chose from entries that didn't win the raffle.

All songs featured, in order:

1. Cut Man (Mega Man) 00:06
2. Metal Man (Mega Man 2) 00:49
3. Boss Theme (Mega Man 2) 01:24
4. Spark Man (Mega Man 3) 02:06
5. Pharaoh Man (Mega Man 4) 02:35
6. Pluto (Mega Man V) 03:15
7. Tomahawk Man (Mega Man 6) 04:09
8. Burst Man (Mega Man 7) 05:02
9. Splash Woman (Mega Man 9) 05:49
10. Galaxy Man (Mega Man 9) 06:43
11. Boomer Kuwanger (Mega Man X) 07:30
12. Flame Stag (Mega Man X2) 08:32
13. Vile's Theme (Mega Man X3) 09:12
14. Blaze Heatnix (Mega Man X6) 09:41
15. Vs. Lumine [Second Form] (Mega Man X8) 10:55
16. Cannonball (Mega Man Zero 3) 12:19

Unlike the first medley, I kept the songs in numerical order this time. I didn't get all the numbers (sorry MM8 fans!), and threw a curveball in the middle by going with the Gameboy Mega Man V rather than the NES 5, but we still hit up a ton of MM games nonetheless.

The songs I chose in the very beginning of making this medley were Cut Man, Metal Man, Spark Man, Flame Stag, and Cannonball. Cut Man is a pretty iconic song from the MM series that didn't make it into the first medley, so I felt it was a necessity here. Metal Man, Spark Man, and Cannonball are all highly requested songs (especially Cannonball), and I just like Flame Stag a lot! The rest of the songs were either Patreon raffle winners, or submitted by Patrons and chosen by myself.

I tried really hard to make this medley better than the first one. I think it might be. Hopefully you feel the same way. xD Enjoy!

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