Mechanical Rhythm
Xenoblade Chronicles

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We've got a good rhythm going!

Even before I covered You Will Know Our Names I was getting a lot of Xenoblade Chronicles requests. Mechanical Rhythm has been one of the most highly requested and I think it's pretty awesome so I went ahead and chose it.

At first, I thought this song was going to be pretty easy. The rhythm guitar line is actually pretty simple, especially compared to Y.W.K.O.N. which has a much more complicated rhythm line. The thing about the original version is there's just a whole lot of little things going on. For one, I've come to realize the XC music composer has a hardon for those fade effects (like the one in the intro). There's also several places with super subtle synth lines in the background, and there's a few spots where it's kind of hard to hear exactly what the guitar is doing (about 00:26) so I had to improvise a little.

Much like how I did Y.W.K.O.N, this is more of a cover than a full blown remix. XC music and GaMetal are pretty similar so there isn't a whole lot I'd like to change. The main difference here is the addition of the solo section after the clean guitar section.

There's still plenty of good XC songs out there, so for sure I'll get to another one sometime. Till then, hope you enjoy this one!

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