Masked Dedede
Kirby Superstar Ultra

Download (MP3)

  I've been getting a lot of requests to do Masked Dedede's theme so I took this opportunity to do both it and King Dedede's original theme, which I've been wanting to redo because my previous version from 2010 is sucky.

The Masked version is incredibly similar to the original. The notes are almost the same, just played (and properly arranged) twice as fast. The downfall to this is that it makes Masked Dedede's theme pretty short, so I made a Dedede sandwich by starting off with Masked for 2 runthroughs, then going into King for 2 runthroughs, and ending with 1 final run through of Masked.

There's also a short chiptune break I threw in during the 2nd play through of Masked, this was originally going to be an orchestral breakdown but it sounded stupid so I messed around and thought the chiptune thing sounded pretty neat.

Did you know King Dedede's theme originally appears in Kirby's Dream Land for Gameboy? It's only half as long but it's cool to hear if you haven't heard it before.

Originally, I had intended to do Dark Meta Knights theme, but I decided to go with Masked Dedede instead due to the high volume of requests and it's a pretty badass song. Maybe I'll do that next time. (>'-')>

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