Let the Battles Begin!
Final Fantasy VII

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Final Fantasy VII's battle theme has returned for this year's May Madness!

Like Star Wolf and Hyrule Castle, this is another 2010 GaMetal song that's received a pretty big makeover. I've kept a lot of elements from my old 2010 version, but also extended it by a little more than a minute.

I used to stay away from doing Final Fantasy VII songs because there are millions of remixes already out there, but ironically this has been the most popular of all the remake songs this month. I was a little worried this was going to underperform (like it did back in 2010 xD), but it's done the exact opposite. Perhaps I underestimated the impact of Cloud's addition to Sm4sh, and the recent FF7 remake news.

Maybe I'll end up doing One Winged Angel sometime, after all.


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