La Danse Macabre
Shovel Knight

Download (MP3)


Suddenly Shovel Knight again for this year's Halloween special: La Danse Macabre!

We were deciding between a few different songs to do for Halloween on Patreon and this one came out on top. La Danse Macabre is yet another amazing song from the outstanding Shovel Knight soundtrack. It has a very strong Castlevania vibe to it which is one of the reasons I made it one the poll choices.

The arrangement here is pretty similar to the way I arranged the Strike the Earth! cover, meaning I really didn't do much xD. The most major changes are the addition of the guitar solo section and the outro which is just a slightly altered version of the intro.

Really awesome song. Since we've done 2 SK songs so close together, it'll be a while till I get to another one, but I can almost assure you it will be The Defender like I originally said I'd do a while ago. :)

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