Koopaling Battle
New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Download (MP3)

  This is a song I put together for Super Mario Bros. Z creator Mark Haynes, who was awesome enough to feature a GaMetal song in the SMBZ series reboot (King of the Koopa's, to be specific, during the Metal Bowser fight scene).

This song is in C so my RR3 guitar got to make a comeback (and hey, what do you know, it got to stick around for the next song, Giratina Battle, too), to which I got a lot of 'hey! new guitar?' messages. I actually used that guitar for every recording before 2013, and I've had it for around 12 years, so it's actually quite the opposite xD. It's my low tuning (D standard, ocassionally in cases like this song drop C) guitar so I really only use it on special occasions.

Getting back to the song, Koopaling Battle overall is a pretty easy one. I also featured the other Koopaling battle music, the one from SMB3, in the middle, which is also heavily influenced by the New Super Mario Bros Wii version.

It'll be a while till this appears in a SMBZ episode, but I'm happy to already have it ready to go for when the time comes. You may be wondering if I'll be doing more songs for Super Mario Bros. Z. Yes, and one will be coming pretty soon. :)

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