Attack of the Koopa Bros
Paper Mario

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Here come the Koopa Bros... again!

I almost didn't do this song for this year's May Madness, but some recent requests to bring it back made me decide to do it. People still love the Koopa Bros.

So if you're not familiar with this song, the originally is strongly influenced by the Hammer Bro's fight music from Super Mario Bros. 3. It also, probably, was influenced by the Batman TV series theme some. Maybe.

The song structure has remained the same from my previous remix: every instrument still get's a solo (one instrument for each Koopa Bro, perhaps?). The biggest changes were to the guitar solo and organ solo. I didn't much care for the old ones. I also raised the song back up to it's original key. Previously I did it a half-step lower, but I felt it sounded more 'exciting' in the original key.

Maybe next year, we'll bring back Bowser's Rage / King of the Koopas.


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