Ken's Theme
Street Fighter II

Download (MP3)


Once again we're taking a song that appeared in the SNES Medley and giving it the full version treatment. It's also my first full Street Fighter cover! I've been wanting to do this song since as early as 2011, and had a very rough draft down back in 2013, but never finished it.

We had a poll over on Patreon to choose among the songs from the SNES Medley that people wanted a full version for, and it came down to a sudden death round of voting between Fire Field and Ken's Theme. FF managed to come out on top, so I decided to save this song for a little bit later in the year.

Guile's Theme gets all the glory, but Ken's Theme has always been my favorite... and I never honestly cared much for Ryu's Theme, but I do think it's pretty sweet he got into Smash. We'll return to the Street Fighter series again someday (maybe for Guile? We'll see!)


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