Id (Purpose)
Fire Emblem Awakening

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Why do Together We Ride again when we can have Id (Purpose) instead? Besides, we all know the 2009 NES Medley #1 version of Together We Ride was super awesome and has stood the test of time as one of the greatest GaMetal medley pieces ever.

....just kidding. We'll get back around to doing a full TWR eventually, but first I wanted to do an under-remixed song from a more recent title. Fire Emblem has been one of the most requested series that I haven't really done a full version song for, and I decided it'd be an awesome way to end May Madness.

If I managed to have it out by the end of May, anyways xD. I ended up having to push it back to the beginning of June because this song was a lot more complex than I originally planned. I went into it with a mindset of 'I'm just going to keep it simple and not over-complicate anything', but it still ended up being one of the more complicated songs I've done in a while.

I went through a ton of different revisions for this remix. For starters, the original song is full-blown orchestra, and obviously composed for an orchestra, so I had to use a ton of imagination. I tweaked the intro about 5 million times before I ended up with something I liked (the acoustic guitar/piano stuff). I knew I wanted to come into the main part with an in-your-face, faster paced type line, then transition into an 'epic' sounding chorus.

At first I didn't have the pseudo-choir, and in fact originally intended to not have any choir at all and just keep it lead guitar-driven, but I thought I'd try it out and I thought it sounded really cool, so I kept it for the first choir and even threw it in towards the end of the song.

Originally I had left a whole part out (the section around 3:25-3:36) because I wanted the 4/4 section to be just a tad shorter, but it ended up sounding way too short, so I threw it back in in later revisions and it sounded way better.

Had a hard time finding a spot for a guitar solo too, and again I didn't have one at all in early versions, then found out the part before the 4/4 section was a pretty good spot for one.

In the end I think this ended up sounding really great and I'm really satisfied with the result. It was pretty difficult but I think we've managed to pull off yet another awesome sounding sort-of-oddball remix! We'll definitely get to some more FE in the future.

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