Hopes and Dreams / Save the World

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Undertale recently celebrated it's 1 year anniversary, so I figured now would be a pretty good time to get back to it with the most requested GaMetal song(s) to date: Hopes and Dreams / Save the World.

I changed the sound yet again! Except this time I really think I'm close to getting it where I want it. I really wanted to get this one sounding as best as I could, since it's request volume was so high, and also since there are a million other Undertale / Hopes and Dreams remixes out there that I'm up against.

The complexity of this song isn't in the main melody, which is actually pretty simple and borderline repetitive, but, much like ASGORE, is found in the rhythm/background. A lot of cool different things are going on, some I never really heard until I sat down and listened to it. For example, at around 1:30 in this remix and in the original (don't know the exact time but it's this section), the quarter note rhythm line from the Flowey theme Your Best Friend is barely audible in the background.

I had a lot to work with here so I didn't have to do much arrangement to the song structure, the biggest addition being the short interlude between the 2 songs to connect them together leading into the guitar solo.

A lot of people are speculating whether or not I'm now 'done' with Undertale songs. I am done for probably the remainder of the year, but there are still a few I'd like to get to (such as Spear of Justice, my personal favorite, and maybe Heartache or Spider Dance) next year. But like usual, I'll keep plenty of space between those songs so we can get to other awesome stuff!

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