Battle! Giratina
Pokemon Platinum

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  Time to get crazy!

This was a randomly chosen Patreon request for Chris Bonner, I wasn't expecting it to come so soon because he just joined! But that goes to show anything can happen in a random drawing.

This is arguably the heaviest GaMetal song I've done to date. The original is extremely spastic, with several different parts changing constantly. Junichi Masuda really went all out to show the craziness of Giratina and the distortion world.

I was looking forward to covering this song because I know it'd give me a lot of good experience, I had to deal with a lot of different synths and sound effects, and drumming to strange rhythms. There's a lot of panning stuff I did as well (much more noticeable with headphones!) which I emphasized with cheesy effects in the video. xD

Speaking of the video, gameplay footage has returned to the channel! I know a lot of missed the footage from the old channel, so now to spice things up a bit I've found a way to do a hybrid of both.

You probably weren't expecting this to be the next Pokemon song I did, but it turned out to be pretty badass. Enjoy!

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