GaMetal V

 Get every GaMetal song from 2015 in one download!

GaMetal V is a compilation album of all 2015 GaMetal songs. All early 2015 songs (Legend of Mario, Oil Ocean Zone, Masked Dedede, Bionic Commando, Gang-Plank Galleon, McBoss, You Will Know Our Names, and Dark Pit) have been completely remastered to sound more like the songs from late 2015. All other songs have been lightly remastered for volume balancing purposes.

All songs have been organized by game series, and also have original titles. Because why not? xD

Also, if you download this song on BandCamp, you'll recieve 3 bonus tracks: fresh 2016 remasters of Final Fantasy VI Decisive Battle (I Will Defeat You), Beginning / Vampire Killer (Vampire Massacre), and the Mega Man X Maverick Medley (MaveriX).

Oh and, it's free, because why wouldn't it be? BandCamp is setup so you can also throw in a small donation if you'd like.

Download GaMetal V on BandCamp

Download GaMetal V here: MP3 Download | WAV Download

Thanks for downloading!