Decisive Battle (Vs. Exdeath)
Final Fantasy V

Download (MP3)

Decisive Battle from Final Fantasy V was this month's winner of our Patreon request list drawings. I've always been a fan of this song and that it'd be an interesting one to do. With the gigantic exception of Clash on the Big Bridge, the Final Fantasy V soundtrack can be a bit underappreciated at times.

So this is a really weird song, it's especially different from the usual Final Fantasy boss themes. It changes up constantly to the point where no one section really becomes the main piece, making this a really progressive song. Also, there is hardly any snare drum in the original, only coming in for the quick stabby notes (I don't know the correct term, sorry xD) around 1:53, and around the 2:30-2:50 of this remix originally. Initially, I also left the snare drum out until the point, but decided to see what it sounded like if I added it into the sectino before. I thought it sounded pretty cool so I kept it like this.

The first thing I think about when I think of the original version of this song, is drums. The drum section, in the video at 1:16, to me has always been what sets this song apart from other FF songs. I tried to emphasize this section by using a total of 9 different drums, the 3 used on the drum set and 6 more doing the original 3 different lines.

Lastly, I've also included the song Evil Lord Exdeath as the intro and rhythm part of the guitar solo section. It seemed fitting to me, haha.

I'm still planning on doing Clash on the Big Bridge sometime this year (it's a highly requested song), so don't worry, I didn't forget about it. Stay tuned!


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