Dream Chaser (Silence)
F-Zero Climax

Download (MP3)

We may not have had a new F-Zero title for a very long time, but at the very least I can help you out with yet another F-Zero cover! This time we have Dream Chaser, the theme for the Silence track(s).

This version is mostly influenced by the F-Zero Climax arrangement, which re-arranges the song structure and adds a couple of new parts, as well as shifting the key up 2 and a half steps. I also added the solo from the GP Legend version, which is actually exactly the same as the solo in the original F-Zero X version, just shifted the aforementioned 2.5 steps. So, in a way, all 3 versions get some love here.

Remember how last time I said the next F-Zero song was gonna be The Long Distance of Murder? I guess I lied. :/ It's gonna happen sometime though!

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