Dialga's Fight to the Finish
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

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  We go off-track from the main Pokemon games to take on one of the current most-requested songs: Dialga's Fight to the Finish! from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky.... and Time... and I think Darkness too.

I've been keeping my eye on this one for a bit, and it's been climbing its way to the top of my imaginary request charts. I wanted to get this one out before the year was up, and with only 2 months remaining (well, it's like a month and a week now, haha), I decided now would be a good time.

When I first heard this song, it sounded like it had a sad feel to it. Kind of like Cursed Leorina, but maybe not that sad. I tried to keep that feel for this remix. I also incorporated a good deal of classical guitar bits, I've noticed when it comes to acoustic requests that this song shows up a lot, so I gave it a couple of spots to take over. The bass even got to take over the lead for a second there. xD

With this song complete, we're continuing to knock out some super highly requested songs. We should get to a couple more before the year is up, so keep on requesting! :)

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