The Defender
Shovel Knight

Download (MP3)

Remember a really long time ago when I said during a live stream that I wanted to do The Defender some day? Well, I kept my word!

...but holy hell is this song hard. As I usually do with my shovel knight covers, I kept some of the 8-bit instruments going throughout. To be honest, very little other synths sound better playing the melodies that those backup tracks play. The main part of this song that's extremely difficult is the section that, in this remix, is around 1:08-1:31. It's just all over the place. In a really neat way, but it took me a while to understand what exactly was going on so I could drum to it correctly. The rest of this song isn't TOO difficult... mostly just that changeup part.

Every time I cover a Shovel Knight song, I gain even more respect for Jake Kaufman. These SK tracks are absolutely bonkers.



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