Death Egg Robot (Final Boss)
Sonic 2

Download (MP3)

The Death Egg Robot has returned! I just recently touched on this one in Sonic Fan Medley 2, so if you enjoyed that version, here's a full rendition for you! This was my wife's Valentines Day choice for the year. You may recell last year she chose Michelle's Theme from Tekken 2, and before that, Oil Ocean Zone from Sonic 2.

I modeled this version strongly on the remix(s) of Death Egg Robot from Sonic Generations, which get a little more 'intense' each phase, especially the 3rd phase. I also applied elements from the version I did in Sonic Fan Medley 2 and spread them throughout. For a fun game, see if you can find all the medley version references.

The 3 phases each have their own different style, the first phase having a doom/gloom metal feel, followed by the 2nd phase being a bit more upbeat and rock sounding. The 3rd phase goes all out into a speed metal/thrash sort of sound.

I have a lot more Sonic planned for this year.. especially those of you waiting for some more modern Sonic stuff. It's coming eventually, just hang in there!


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