Dark Meta Knight
Kirby and the Amazing Mirror

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  Since the rise of Masked Dedede (thanks Five Funky Nights at Freddy's!) my Kirby fanbase has grown a good bit. I've been getting a lot of different Kirby requests, the most popular being C-R-O-W-N-E-D, Marx's Battle theme, and Dark Meta Knight.

I heard this song a few years ago when I was listening to random GBA soundtracks. I thought this one was pretty awesome and it seemed to be a pretty underrated song, so I planned on doing it someday. That someday was supposed to be a few months ago. I started actually working on this song in March, but I had been getting a large number of Masked Dedede requests at the time, so I went with it instead (good thing I did too, haha).

While the original song is awesome, it's main drawback is it's extremely short (like around 35 seconds). I injected some bits of the Battleship Halberd (Revenge of Meta Knight) themes to help extend things, and because, well, Meta Knight. Because of this, I was going to call this Dark Meta Knight's Revenge, but that's too long! So we'll just stick with Dark Meta Knight. I know how much you all like my super original song titles.

Kirby songs are awesome! I'll definitely be doing more soon. I've got a few on my to do list (a couple I already mentioned), so stay tuned!

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