Unbreakable Determination (Basilisk Mine Field)
Ninja Gaiden

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Everyone's favorite Ninja Gaiden song has returned to GaMetal!

I remember last time, I griped that this song should be called Basilisk Mineshaft, not Basilisk Minefield. Because it takes place in a mineshaft. Not a minefield. There's a HUGE difference. Well I discovered this song is also called 'Unbreakable Determination' (even before Undertale was a thing), and thought that name was pretty cool so I renamed it this time around. Sounds cooler than 'Basilisk Mine Field 2016', too.

Out of all of this year's remake songs, I changed this one around the least. In fact it's the only one where I left the guitar solo practically unchanged. I was really happy with my 2011 arrangement, and felt it could strongly benefit from just being re-recorded.

Someday I will do another Ninja G... wait... is that... oh god IT'S HAPPENING AGA-

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