Big Bad Baby Bowser / Big Boss
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

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It's time for the biggest remake yet... the return of the 2011 remix Big Bad Baby Bowser!

There are some people out there that might think the 2011 version was fine as it is, and didn't really need a remake, but I've been wanting to do this one for May Madness since last year. In fact, the 2011 Big Bad Baby Bowser was one of the most popular, if not THE most popular, old GaMetal songs.

But as I do with all my old material, I always go back and listen to it, and know it could be better. We didn't have an actual video last time, either.

We've also got a special guest on this one: I recruited pro keyboardist/pianist Andrew Wrangell to handle the organ sections. I honestly haven't practiced the keys for several years, mostly only playing when I record. This song has some tough organ lines, so rather than relearn them all (which I really didn't have time for while working on the other May Madness songs!), I decided to seek someone out that could do it better than I could. Andrew found out I was looking for people on Patreon and contacted me, and I was thoroughly impressed by his Piano videos, so I knew he could handle the parts no problem, and he did! He did a phenomenal job.

I wanted to keep most of this remake similar to the 2011 version because I know a lot of people still love that one. So I really only made 3 major changes here: First, the synth intro is extremely different. I made this more eerie and 'huge' sounding. Second, I changed my second guitar solo entirely.. I honestly didn't care much for one in the 2011 version. Lastly, rather than repeating the first part of the song after the Big Boss section, Andrew and I created our own original solos for it, combining into a harmonized lead into one of those big band finale endings.

I'm really pleased with how it turned out. And if you still prefer the 2011 version... that's fine too! Both versions will always be here so you can listen to whichever one you prefer. :)

Special thanks again to Andrew Wrangell for helping me out with those organ solos, make sure you check out his channel for some awesome Piano videos!


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