To the World of Darkness (Coming soon!)

Undyne the Undying (Coming soon!)

Genesis Medley (Coming soon!)

Wandering Ghosts

Theme of a Tragedic Revenge

Battle! Team Rocket

The Defender

2 Player


Holy Orders (Be Just or Be Dead)

Surprise Attack (Star Wolf)

Trap Phantasm

Sturm's Theme

Chaos Angel

Big Bad Baby Bowser

Bury My Shell at Wounded Knee

Pepper Steak

Boss Battle (Final Fantasy IV)

Fearless White Blade (Battle 1)

Menu 1 (Super Smash Bros Melee)

Ridley's Theme

The Darkness Nova

Theme of the Cheetahmen

Final Battle (Vs. Gruntilda)

One-Winged Angel



Death Egg Robot

Brainiac Maniac

Crocodile Cacophony / Lost World Anthem

Bowser Castle GBA

Decisive Battle (Vs. Exdeath)

Star Dream

Side-Quests Vol. 1

The City Slums (coming soon!)

Battle 1 (SaGa Frontier) (coming soon!)

Fillmore (coming soon!)

Boss Battle (Lufia II) (coming soon!)

Destroy the Terrorists in the Occupied City (coming soon!)

Toxic Caves (coming soon!)

Title Theme (Skate or Die!) (coming soon!)

Venus Lighthouse (coming soon!)

Saturos / Saturos & Menardi (coming soon!)

Club Leader Dual (coming soon!)