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Hydrocity Zone (Act 2) (Ft. InsaneInTheRainMusic)

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Download (End card acoustic short: Sonic 3 Credits)

A common name that came up whenever I’d discuss collaboration suggestions is Jazz VGM remixer Carlos Eiene, aka InsaneInTheRainMusic. I reached out to him a few months ago and he said he’d get back with me, and recently he did just that.

We discussed what we could do and we expanded on an idea I initially had: since our two styles are so different, I thought it’d be really cool to release either the same song or different songs from the same game on each of pir channels at the same time, a jazz remix featuring myself on his channel, and a rock/metal remix on my channel featuring Carlos. We talked for a while about what game to pull from and among those was Sonic, since we have a lot of Sonic fans in our fanbases, when we got this great idea to take a Sonic 3 song, since most had Act 1 and Act 2 arrangements, and do one of those, ultimately deciding on Hydrocity since it’s a kickass song.

My approach to the Act 2 arrangement was to make it sound like a Mario Kart 8 song. MK8 arrangements have a strong fusion sound, and there are quite a few with back-and-forth lead guitar and sax work (IE, the F-Zero arrangements). I also took a few elements from Carlos’s Act 1 arrangement and incorporated them into Act 2 for that… Act 2 feel (I guess that’s what I’d call it, haha).

This remix was a ton of fun and we will for sure get together again for you all sometime in the future. Also, here’s the Jazzy Act 1 arrangement in case you missed it!

A special collaboration with InsaneInTheRainMusic: Hydrocity Zone Act 1 + Act 2!

Hey everyone! I have a special song for you today. I have been working on a couple of tunes with Jazz VGM remixer Carlos Eiene, aka InsaneInTheRainMusic! We have put together something really neat for you all: on InsaneInTheRain’s side, a Jazz arrangement of Hydrocity Zone (Act 1), featuring yours truly. On my side, we have a GaMetal remix of Hydrocity Zone (Act 2), featuring Carlos on the sax!

We had a ton of fun doing these, hope you all like them! I’ll post the Act 2 song page w/ download in a few days. Be sure to check out InsaneInTheRain’s channel for some amazing Jazz VGM arrangements! 🙂